Programme outline

The Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship is the flagship international education exchange programme
sponsored by the Government of the United States of America. The scholarship is designed to increase
mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through educational,
cultural and professional exchanges

Degree level

Master's: Maximum of two years of funding (renewable annually)
Doctoral: Maximum of two years of funding (renewable annually)
Visiting Student Researcher: South African PhD students enrolled with a South African university to
conduct one year's research at a U.S. university as a Visiting Student Researcher

What the scholarship offers

Fully funded awards generally cover the following, but can vary according to each grantee's program:
- Travel allowance and transportation from South Africa to the authorized U.S. destination
- Health benefits
- Settling in allowance upon arrival in the U.S.
- Monthly maintenance allowance (to cover living expenses)
- Tuition fees
- Book and computer allowance
- J-1 visa sponsorship

Doctoral candidates need to secure their own personal or other funding to continue studying in the United

Fields of Study

The scholarship provides support for all fields of study, excluding Medical and MBA programs.


Deadline for applications is 20 April 2020.

Who can apply?

• Be a South African citizen or permanent resident (for at least five years)
• For Non-Degree (Visiting Student Researcher) studies: Must be registered for a PhD with a South
   African university
• Have a four-year bachelor's degree, or a three-year bachelor's degree plus Honours year, or a
  four-year B-Tech degree when applying for Master's
• Have a Master's degree when applying for a Doctoral degree
• Have proven academic excellence

More details on eligibility are available here:

Application Process

Applicants must compete an online application at:

Students are selected through a rigorous application and interview process and receive a high level of
support ranging from visa processing and health insurance to a comprehensive pre-departure orientation
and re-entry session.


For questions on the application process, please contact the Fulbright Office at:


Please note that this opportunity is not offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
Applicants are required to undertake their own research into programmes and institutions and are
responsible for ensuring that the qualifications will be recognised in South Africa. If there are any
discrepancies in the details provided, the information given by the sponsor supersedes the details
provided above. No additional financial support will be provided by the Department of Higher Education
and Training.