All scholarships have different application processes, deadlines, eligibility criteria, conditions, benefits and contact points. Interested applicants are advised to read information documents carefully before proceeding to apply or submitting queries to us.


The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) coordinates some of the scholarship opportunities listed on this website, while others are managed by other international, national and provincial departments or government agencies. Information provided by the scholarship granting agency supersedes any information provided on this website. Please contact the relevant agency for more information.


Additional financial support will not be provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training unless otherwise stated in the call for applications. The Department of Higher Education and Training does not provide financial support for individual students to study abroad, outside of the opportunities that are available through agreements and partnerships. Where these agreements are in place, we aim to make this information available on this website and via our contact list.


If there's something you can't find on our website, please email the Directorate: International Scholarships, Department of Higher Education and Training at


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