SENEGAL: Mastercard Foundation Programme: Gaston Berger University 2022

The University of Berger University, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, is offering scholarships to high potential graduates (including girls, people with disabilities, and displaced persons or refugees) who wish to pursue careers in digital, agricultural, health, or engineering fields. The programme also looks to providing recipients with training in non-technical fields and provide them with a comprehensive package of support services to transform them into committed leaders who will have the knowledge and expertise to support the industrial and socio-economic development of Africa and Senegal. 

Degree level



31st October 2022 

Who can apply? 

Applicants must:

 Fields of Study

 What the scholarship offers

Application process

Carefully read the application guide

Download, print and complete the application form with all supported documents.

Completed application forms must be sent via courier mail to the address below;

The Scholarships Department, 52 rue Saint-Michel (ex Dr. Thèze), 1st floor, opposite Immeuble La Rotonde – Dakar – SENEGAL OR 

The Rectorate of Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis or at the UGB branch in Dakar, Sacré-Coeur Pyrotechnie, lot 138, Tel: 33 864 11 65.

Required Documents:


If you have further inquiries or need assistance with the application process, please contact MCF - UGB via email:

Documents and links

MCF - UGB Scholarship Programme

Application form

Application guide


Please note that this opportunity is not offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Applicants are required to undertake their own research into programmes and institutions and are responsible for ensuring that the qualifications will be recognised in South Africa. If there are any discrepancies in the details provided, the information given by the sponsor supersedes the details provided above. No additional financial support will be provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training.