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There are a number of scholarship opportunities currently available for South African students to undertake studies, research and exchanges in other countries. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) coordinates several such scholarships, while others are managed by other international, national and provincial departments or government agencies. Scholarships are for South African citizens and require a commitment to return to South African upon completion of studies.

RUSSIA: Scholarships for South Africans 2019

  • Programme outline

    The Russian Government offers annual scholarships for South Africans to study at Russian institutions. The scholarship is offered for Bachelor's, Masters and PhD degrees. Most programmes are taught in the Russian language.

    Scholarship recipients are required to undertake a preparatory course related to their field of study (including language training) for one year before pursuing their degree studies. Only after passing the examinations of the college preparatory course can they start their degree studies.

    The Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for nominations for this scholarship.

    Placement of candidates at institutions is done by the Russian Ministry of Science and Education.


MAURITIUS: Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme 2019

  • Programme outline

    As part of a commitment to promote capacity-building at high level across thecontinent, the
    Government of Mauritius is awarding scholarships to deserving students who are resident citizens of
    member states of the African Union or of African Commonwealth countries for full-time, on-campus
    undergraduate and postgraduate programmes tenable in public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
    in Mauritius.

    The Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible for the nomination of South Africans
    for this scholarship. The below information is for South African applicants only. Applicants from other
    countries should contact their government or local representative of the Government of Mauritius for
    information on how they can apply.


CHINA: Chinese Government Scholarship 2019

  • Programme outline

    The Chinese Government is offering scholarships for South African students to study at Chinese institutions
    starting in the 2019/20 academic year. The Department of Higher Education and Training is responsible
    for nominations

    The scholarship is offered for undergraduate (Bachelors) in the identified scarce skills, postgraduate
    (Masters or PhD) or non-degree Chinese language studies. Bachelor's degree scholarships are taught in
    Chinese and will only be awarded to applicants who already have the required level of Chinese proficiency
    (HSK 5 or above). Preference is given to applications for postgraduate studies.